America Recycles Day November 15

Today is America Recycles Day!

  • While the national recycling rate has increased over the past 30 years, the current recycling rate in the US is just 34%.
  • Take the pledge to increase your recycling this year and learn more about how you can help reduce waste at


Recycling Tips from the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition

  • The City of Houston reports that the amount of contamination in the recyclables collected is high, and high contamination means less will be recycled and the value of the recyclable materials is less.
  • By being a better recycler, you can help the City of Houston, or any recycling program, be more successful.
  • The City of Houston’s Solid Waste Department wants all Houston residents to recycle every bottle, can, piece of paper and cardboard they have within their home; and to look for ways to reduce their waste and recycling generation by buying fewer single-use items.
  • “If we could achieve this, we would have a very successful program!” writes Sarah Mason, the City of Houston’s Recycling Division Manager.


So how can you do better?

  • Make sure containers are clean and empty before tossing them in the recycle cart.
  • Include bottles, jugs and tubs from the kitchen, bath and laundry areas of the house.

Beware of wishcycling!

  • Some things you HOPE are recyclable, but in reality present challenges that make recycling infeasible.
  • Common wishcycling problems include items that are made of plastic (ex: toys, forks, pens, etc.) but are either not the right size, shape, or density to be recovered.
  • Equally problematic are items made from more than one material or type of plastic.
  • Other items dirtying up the recycling stream include yard waste, food, clothes, and “tanglers” such as wires, cords and hoses.
  • And, of course, plastic bags and films should be recycled at a collection station, commonly found at grocery stores and hypermarkets.


Happy America Recycles Day!


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