About BCS

Briarmeadow Charter School

Our History

In August of 1997, the Galleria Area Charter School opened its doors to approximately 150 students in grades Kindergarten through Third Grade. Parents took a “leap of faith” and registered their children in one of the first HISD charter schools without any school ratings of proven track records.

Designed by a group of teachers and administrators to alleviate severe overcrowding in the West District, the school has a unique approach to teacher and believes children should develop all their talents – intellectual, physical, artistic, and leadership. The school is set up on a 2-year looping system within single and multi-aged classrooms. During the 1998-99 school year, an Enrichment Friday program was implemented so that staff collaboration and development could take place. Many of our parents and the business community volunteered their time in the early years to develop these special classes. Now, the students have a different enrichment class for each day of the week.

Because of the legal challenged from Galleria, Inc., owners of the Galleria, the school could no longer use the Galleria Area Charter School name. During the 1998-99 school year, an interim name, The Charter School, was used. In January 2000, the student body, staff, parents, and community members voted and approved the Briarmeadow Charter School as the official school’s name. The original facility at the YMCA, provided through a partnership between HISD and the Post Oak YMCA, now know as Trotter Family YMCA, offered many advantages. However, the school quickly outgrew the Y’s available space, so HISD purchased an old warehouse on Dunvale, renovated though Rebuild 2002, and opened its doors in August 2001.  The new facility reflected the uniqueness of the school’s programs and philosophy!

One of BCS’s founding beliefs was parental input in which involvement was vital in all areas of the school. Parent Advisory Group Meetings, Parent Forums lead by specials, and Mini-Curriculum Sessions for all grade levels were designed to increase parent awareness in our children’s education and increase understanding in our school’s awareness in our children’s education and increase understanding in our school’s philosophy.

The Briarmeadow Charter School’s Parent Teacher Organization continues to proudly support the school in many areas including financial assistance for all class field trips, staff development, curriculum support and student learning materials. The PTO wants to provide stronger support to our school’s programs that will enhance our children’s future.

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