Field Trips

Parents interested in joining students on a field trip:

  • Must be cleared in VIPS with a completed security check before the field trip.
  • Need to get permission from your teacher to chaperone. Sometimes the number of chaperones is limited due to the nature of the trip. Sometimes the number of chaperones is unlimited.
  • Usually need to pay your own admission costs. The PTO pays the students’ and teachers’ admission costs only.
  • Usually need to arrange your own transportation from school to the site and back. Parents are usually not allowed on the chartered buses. Please check with your teacher for specifics.
  • Need to arrange childcare for young children; babies and toddlers should not be brought on field trips.
  • Must come to school in the morning and check in as a chaperone. You cannot just meet the class at the site.
  • Parents who are not teacher-approved chaperones are not allowed to “meet the class” at the site.

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