BCS Nature Center/Farm

BCS Nature Center/Farm began in August 2014. It was designed to allow our students, ranging from the differently-abled to 8th grade gain real-life interaction and experience with farm animals. We felt that the children were offered many virtual opportunities to farm, and would benefit from the analog experience. We have 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats, 3 Pygmy goats, bunnies of various breeds, chickens, and ducks that reside on our little farm.

Our special needs population have developed a trust in animals since their interactions began. Our youngest population learn to be kind, empathetic, and respectful to things that are smaller than themselves. Our mid-age population work to gain not only a better understanding of life cycles and an organism’s needs for survival but man’s role and responsibilities as stewards of the animals in our care. The middle school students choose, as an elective, to help care for the animals on the farm. During this elective, they are posed with opportunities to think critically about problems facing the animals and solutions for said problems.

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