Briarmeadow Charter School Parent Teacher Organization
Frequently Asked Questions (BCS PTO FAQs)

What is the Briarmeadow Charter School Parent Teacher Organization (BCS PTO)?
ALL parents or guardians of children at Briarmeadow are the BCS PTO!

As a group of volunteer parents, teachers and community partners, we work together to provide educational enrichment to the school and our students.

Why should I volunteer for PTO sponsored activities or events at BCS?
You can be involved with decisions for your child’s education. It is important that you have a voice.

How do I participate in the BCS PTO?
You can attend the general PTO meetings, PTO Board Meetings or volunteer on committees or at PTO events.

Building/Grounds (Dad’s Club)
School Life
Room Parent

PTO Events:
Grandparent’s Day – September 7
Peace Day Picnic – September 21
Pastries for Parents – October 12
Fall Fundraiser – October 15-October 26
Fall Festival – November 3
Boosterthon – February 4-February 13
Earth Day Picnic – April 18
Teacher Appreciation – April 22-April 26

How does the BCS PTO communicate?
1. BCS PTO Website (http://briarmeadowpto.digitalpto.com/)
2. PTO Registration (PTO Registration Form)
3. Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BCSPTO)
4. Twitter (@briarmeadowK_8)
5. Subscribe to the BCS PTO Calendar: (http://briarmeadowpto.digitalpto.com/calendar/)
6. Sign up to volunteer through PTO website link to Sign Up Genius.

How can I communicate directly with the BCS PTO?
You can send message by email: [email protected]

What do the funds from the curriculum fund and PTO budget pay for?
The PTO hosts different fundraisers to help pay for educational enrichment for both teachers and students. Student enrichment includes field trips, technology (computers) and school life activities.

BCS PTO Board looks forward to working with all the parents at BCS to provide our children an enriching educational experience.

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